It always brings a smile to the Mimik’s face how corporate companies are taking advantage of graffiti art to adorn the hallways of their multimillion dollar offices. 

@Pulsepoint on Wall Street, NYC have made The Mimik & his fellow FRESHman ElanWonder a staple in their company. Various opportunities continue where we are commissioned to use their facilities as canvases as long as the ideas for particular rooms in their HQ are met to their standards. So far so good & knock on wood!

First was a conference room to discuss their business ideas. Being that the offices are way downtown the idea of just a typical NY scene would fit nicely. 

Surprisingly enough they loved the final outcome of how it brightened the room with its cartoony feel. It was well received. So they called us back for a bigger task. The room of choice was the main work room where the visual is easily scene by everyone. In the design shown the idea was added to have dry erase marker areas so that they can express goals, mottos, discuss, write down statistics & what not. So we began to lay it down…

Our final room for this year is more of a challenge than the last. The idea for this wall is to create the feel or look that one is standing on the roof of a building looking over unto the city landscape. At first we were overwhelmed, but once our thoughts were gathered we decided to tackle it head on. Our only true concern was time.

Prepping the area securely & safely for unwanted overspray & quickness was key. The overall process took longer than expected. An overnite stay was evident. Stenciling the bricks, sketching the building forms, blending the skyline, outlining the buildings, coloring & shading…

Almost 30+ hours later the landscape is done. We were satisfied with the end product. It will look even better once the overall layout of this are is to include outdoor lounge chairs, artificial grass, & wooden porch sectional.

Stay tuned for a humorous progressional video of the weekend… Excuse me, Pulsepoint is on the phone. They have another idea 🙂


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