A born New Yorker, raised Floridian, a residing New Jerseyan, the Mimik was always drawing cartoons wherever he went. On napkins, paper, black books & eventually on walls. Being a huge comic book & Japanese anime fan, a style that fit in well into his graffiti ventures, this gave rise to a weekly drawing class where Mimik had students from various ages learning such methods as figure drawing to typography. From there he was fascinated with the use of watercolors in every form. That led him to creating work with several talents of the WWE. Later collaborating with Elan, he relearned the techniques of graphic design. They also repeated murals incorporating both LSD & BSK graffiti art styles. After disappearing from the scene for awhile, the invitation to be a part of The Fresh Collective has given Mimik a new focus to return to the art movement that he’s always enjoyed.

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