Graff Battle @L.A.B

An idea arose… we gave it some thought… schedules conflict. The Fresh are 3. No one is left… but me… The Mimik.

Left to represent the crew The Mimik was paired w another graffiti muralist to take part in the 1st segment of what is being called L.A.B. Loft art battles. 

A lounging area for locals to relax in a comfortable atmosphere w possible drinks in hand while listening to music. Add the element of live painting & turn it into a “battle” if you may.

The muralist are given freedom to create a graffiti mural within a 4hour time limit. The crowd will & did voice their opinion & preference. There will & was an official judging by a jury of peers.

Check out this video of the whole ordeal… 

Long story short….. The Mimik “finished him!”….. The Mimik wins.


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