Graffiti for the Youth

Towards the end of the summer a “teaching” project was presented to The Mimik in which he quickly accepted. 

The premise of the project was an 8 week course, once a week, after school to introduce the elements of Graffiti Art to eligible students.

The short curriculum breakdown consisted of  ‘right to the point’ objectives like selecting a tag name, practice of hand style, throw ups, bombing, piecing, adding dimensions, characters, collaborating, color/blending.

Materials were purchased for the students as well such as markers & black books. Purchasing spray paint activity was kept to a minimum just because of the concern of excessive fumes. There was one particular session where The Mimik brought in some spray cans so they could experience can control.  It wasn’t as messy as expected. They did very well actually. 

Assignments were assigned to demonstrate & prove their graffiti art progression. The Mimik was pleased with the overall outcome & truly believed they learned a thing or two of what goes down when creating or doing graffiti. It would be interesting to see later on if they’ve incorporated their new found knowledge into their everyday artistic ventures. 

Here are a few pics of the kids in action. Take a look…

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