5 Minutes of Fame

Although it may seem very obvious The Mimik isn’t only about wrestling & comics. As much  as those genres in his early & later years sparked an ongoing interest there are still other sides to this story.

With various interests such as music, travel, film & martial arts he’s been fortunate to experience moments that to some help define a way a life or prove that one can grow or be destined for bigger & better things. Being able to leave his mark or (The Mimik’s) calling card so to speak allowing him to meet other great people within their industry & enjoy The Mimik’s artwork is satisfactory & pushes him to strive to be better. Or just the fact that we are all marks for people we admire.

Such moments for instance include the UFC’s Forrest Griffen, Matt Hughes, & Randy Couture. A 20’x30′ illustration of certain fighters that nite was the theme. Turned out that the Mimik had anybody really autographed the artboard.

Adult film star Abella Anderson & legend Nina Hartley received artwork as well. Wrestlings greatest family The Anoai & Fatu clan also have consecutive, custom artwork by The Mimik upon request. 

The Mimik presented Aikidoka martial artist Yoshimitsu Yamada Sensei w a piece of artwork. (No photo available @this time)

Frequenting many of her performances here in NYC, it was a pleasure to put a 15’x20′ watercolor together for Samba/Jazz vocalist Basia.

Thrash metal band lead guitarist/vocalist Dave Mustaine was on the list. This was definitely The Mimik’s greatest meet & greet up to date. Mustaine released an autobiography & was having a signing in Jersey. The Mimik waited his turn & when given the chance spoke & mentioned to Mustaine how he inspired him to pick up & learn the guitar, but eneded up being better as an artist then handed him the painting he did of him as a ‘thank you’. Surprisingly soon enough after the conversation the Mimik was hugged by the axeman.  (Disclaimer: The Mimik was quite heavier @the time of these photos   :/   )

*(Check out The Mimik’s FB artist page: @mimiksan for more testimonial photos & other features.)

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