Art Basel Miami 2012

After much anticipated thought & discussion The Mimik & his fellow FRESHmen ElanWonder & ChekRocka (known as The Fresh Collective) decided to finally take flight & be a part in Miami’s art districts yearly, biggest, art extravaganza! Art Basel.

Bags packed. Paint ordered. Wings stretched. Lift off. Touchdown.

First stop is Fat Village’s Rolling Stock in Fort Lauderdale. Outline sketch. Color & fill in. Dimensions. Shout outs. Done. One full day there.

Next is The Purvis Young Museum Wall in Wynwood. The Mimik made the call to his GPK brother & PYM graffiti curator, Wies, for starting time. Outline sketch. Color & fill in. Dimensions. Shout outs. Done. Two full days there. 

Last, but not least was Catalyst in Miami Springs. The Mimik reached out to fellow graffiti artist & friend Evae & Coler for availability. With luck on our side we got started late & the sun had long set. Outline sketch. Color & fill in. Dimensions. Shout outs. Done. A few hours there. 

Sleep & fatigue finally was setting on the crew. Constantly on the move with spray cans in hand we painted to our hearts content. In between each paint session we did manage to meet up with our fellow FRESHman ChekRocka (who was only able to participate in the festivities for a day due to personal scheduling) to check out other galleries, other artists work & productions, took photographs, walked around, had a couple of drinks along the way & ate like barbarians.  And none of that would’ve been possible w/o the help & invite Wies @PYM, Ryan @Rolling Stock, & Coler @Catalyst.

Also big thanks to Taimy Alvarez for her photo op @The Sun Sentinel, & last but not least, Momma Mimik for stuffing our faces w her fine Cuban cuisine when we weren’t out stuffing our faces.


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